Seldar Ghostwatch

Grim Hunter of the Unnatural


Seldar Ghostwatch, Level 1 Elf Hunter.
AC: 15, Fort: 13, Reflex: 15, Will: 13
Melee: 8, 1d8+2 Ranged: 8, 1d10+4
HP: 23, Bloodied: 11, Healing Surges: 6, Surge Value: 5
Stats: Skills:
STR: 14 +2 Athletics: 7
CON: 11 +0
DEX: 18 +4 Acrobatics: 9, Stealth: 9
INT: 10 +0
WIS: 16 +3 Dungeoneering: 8, Perception: 10
CHA: 10 +0
Racial Features:
Elven Weapon Proficiency: Longbow, Shortbow
Group Awareness: Allies within 5 get +1 Perception
Elven Accuracy: Encounter Power
Fey Origin
Wild Step: Ignore difficult terrain when shifting
Skill Bonus: Nature, Perception
Class/Other Features:
Bow Hunter: Gain the Bow expertise feat
Disruptive Shot
Expert Archer
Ambush Expertise
Wilderness Tracker
Weapon talent: Heavy Blades


Seldar Ghostwatch comes from a tribe of elves in the southlands of Bralholme. He is part of the Ghost Watch, which is a group of elves that watch over travelers on the Old Ghost Road. He has seen a great many evil things in those misty and strange lands. He has seen men driven to insanity by the haunts and illusions of the dead. He has seen beasts warped by the unnatural magics of the beyond, and killed madmen in mercy. Monsterous creatures abound in the cursed forests, and the Ghost Watch has hunted and slain them all. Distrusted by their very people, these grim warriors strive on, traveling even beyond the forests, to slay the unnatural, so that peace may be found in the lands once more.

Seldar Ghostwatch

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