The Island of Bralholme
In the year 547.
Under the watch of High King Aerald.

It has been one generation since High King Aedwulf united the warring tribes of Bralholme under the Baersmen banner. Still, the land is untamed and wild, and almost daily the Dukes and Barons of the Southlands threaten to declare independance. Goblins, Beast-Men, and stranger things launch midnight raids from their hidden lairs; and something dark and ancient stirs in the Great Woods. It is a time for heroes, for only the bravest of warriors can save Bralholme before it is torn apart.

Mythic Bralholme is kind of the opposite of the typical weekly game. Instead of a set group of players meeting every Tuesday or whatever, I’m going to have a large pool of players and we’ll play whenever there are people interested and I’m free.

This game is specifically designed to be as Noob friendly as possible. If you’ve never played D&D or you haven’t played in a decade or two, you should be fine to show up and roll some dice and hang out. You can ignore everything on this Obsidian Portal site and still show up and have fun.


Mythic Bralholme is an old school inspired player driven sandbox hexcrawl. What the heck does that mean?

There is no overarching plot, beyond “Bralholme is a dangerous place and if some Big Damn Heroes don’t step forward to go kick bad guy butt, the kingdom will probably fall to chaos and everyone will be screwed.” This is a game of exploration, where traveling from hex to hex across the map of Bralholme leads to new dangers and new adventures. Rumors and cries for help will lead the players in multiple directions, and ultimately it will be up to the players to decide where they go and what they do.

Think of the game a bit like an MMO, where you have a large group of players who can run around and do almost anything, and sometimes you team up with the same players over and over again and some times you group with some new people.

Characters might head off to rescue some captured villagers, or investigate the haunted keep, or skip town for the next village. You might just wander off in to the wilderness in search of danger and adventure. But be careful, it’s absolutely possible to wander off in to a higher level area and in to monsters you absolutely can not defeat.

While combat will be a focus, this isn’t a purely Hack & Slash game. Expect lots of exploration, lots of puzzles that challenge the players as much as the characters,


Mythic Bralholme uses the Essentials line of D&D 4th Edition books. This means the only books you the player ever need to worry about are Heroes of the Fallen Lands and Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms. The only races and classes available are those found in those two books.

If you have a DDI subscription, feel free to use the Character Builder to create a character, keeping in mind the above restriction.

Mythic Bralholme

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